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Anxiety is rehearsing a future that you do not wish to happen over and over again. It has massive physical implications on our body. It decreases blood flow to our brain and organs and suppresses our immune system.

Some of the most common causes are phobias, worrying about future events, worrying we are not good enough or competent. Post Traumatic Stress and generalized anxiety disorder.

High anxiety can lead to panic attacks which can be terrifying, all logic goes out the window, our breathing is shallow. Our flight or fight response fires off. We go into high alert. This can be so overwhelming and you may feel you will faint or even die. The negative thoughts just spiral out of control. Leaving you feeling exhausted and detached from the world This effects our sleep, health and general wellbeing if it goes on for a length of time without being dealt with.

I can help you devise coping strategies, explain the process of what happens to our bodies when we feel anxious. Identify the triggers and help you deal with them. So you can get back to a life of feeling free and calm.

Success Stories

"I went to Kirsty for anxiety problems. I had a lot of breathless feelings, constant yawning, some mornings I was so anxious I didn't want to get out of bed. My heart would race and I would dread the day and feel exhausted with this problem. After having 3 sessions with Kirsty, I can honestly say I feel like the world has been lifted off my shoulders. I can't say how, or why it works, it just does. I feel amazing, I would highly recommend her. I am looking forward to a life with laughter and happiness, enjoying my children. Thank you so much for making this happen Kirsty."

"I came to see Kirsty because I've had trichotillomania for 11 years now. It's the compulsive desire to pull out your own hair. I've tried many different ways over the years but with no success. I was a little sceptical at first about hypnotherapy, but after I walked away from my first session, I felt really positive and was ready to put everything Kirsty had taught me in place. I had one more session a week after and I now haven't pulled a single hair out for a month.

I can't believe how in control I finally feel, after years of not realising I was pulling out my hair, I am so aware every time my hand goes to my head. I can't believe that all it took was 2 sessions for me to beat something that really took over every aspect of my life. My hairs growing fast and i'm confident in a few months time it will really blend in well with the rest of my hair.

Kirsty has been great and I know that if I ever have a bad period where I struggle with my hair I can go and see her straight away. A huge thanks to Kirsty for saving me and my hair."


"I had been suffering panic attacks/agoraphobia/anxiety for about 40 years. The NHS did not seem to want to cure me. I could cope "if I kept taking the tablets" but it wasn't much of a life.

Anyway, I went to see Kirsty in April 2012 and wow how my life is changing for the better. I am now moving house for the first time in 54 years and looking to be happy for the first time in my life because Kirsty has turned my life around.

Don't suffer like I did, go and see Kirsty. You will not regret it."


"Well, if you felt sick, physically shook and felt full of absolute dread at the thought of driving, you're not alone! That was me, before getting hypnotherapy from Kirsty Hurrell, I used to feel so anxious and nervous before and whilst I was driving.

She listened to my fears and after some very calming chats and hypnosis sessions, I am absolutely loving driving! All the anxiousness has gone for good! Having the Hypnotherapy with Kirsty has changed my life - Cannot thank or recommend her highly enough."


"Whilst having years of other therapies, all of which helped to a great or lesser degree, I went to Kirsty with no experience of hynotherapy. A mutual friend recommended her, which was a big incentive. I had experienced a considerable amount of loss over the past two years. My parents had both died, I had lost three wonderful dogs, on top of this my dear wife had undergone cancer treatment and two bouts of major surgery. I had given up most of my work and interests to care for her, this situation is unlikely to change as she is now dependant on me for most things.

I had tried a very good therapist who had used an eclectic mix of person-centred methods, being formerly involved in the field I "knew the turf", although helpful, it did not seem to take away the anxieties I was experiencing, and a dread of the future. Enter Kirsty, after explaining about revisiting and verbalising older problems during verbal therapy, basically reliving trauma, the theory made complete and utter sense!

I had one introductory and exploratory session, I was made to feel at ease straight away. I decided to have a session to see if the therapy would work for me, with a specific aim of addressing the anxiety of what might happen in the future. Well, in a nutshell, it has had an immediate effect. From leaving the session I have had a new feeling of optimism, the future no longer worries me. Kirsty helped me file away rather than revisit pain and loss. The method was painless and quite illuminating.

A rather long testimonial I know, but one I hope can motivate others to visit a very skilled and caring practitioner. Also a very effective one who radiates confidence.

Thank you Kirsty for your help."