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Waking up in the morning feeling so tired and lacking in motivation. Everyday little things seem such hard work. All you want to do is hide away from the world. Depression has a direct result on your sleep leaving you feeling withdrawn unmotivated and only half a person. In my session I will teach you all about the cycle of depression and how to break it for good. You will walk away with the tools to calm yourself, change your old black and white thinking patterns. I will reconnect you to all of your powerful resources that we sometimes forget. I will teach you the importance of the right food and getting your basic human needs met.

By thinking negative thoughts you can depress your immune system by up to 40%. A positive thought can strengthen your immune system by up to 40%. Our wellbeing is a choice that we make.

In counseling at McGill University, in Montreal, students learn about many key figures in psychology and psychiatry who have advanced the art of counseling. Dr. Milton Erickson. was a great hypnotherapist who practiced a form of brief therapy. The African Violet Lady of Baltimore is one of his success stories.

In the city of Baltimore lived a woman who was severely depressed. She had no friends, no family, and lived alone. She never left her house and rarely associated with people. This lady would not seek help from anyone.

A concerned neighbour contacted Dr. Erickson in hopes that he would take on this depressed lady as a client. The great doctor agreed to make just one visit to the house.

Dr. Erickson was surprised at what he saw. The lady lived in squalor beyond anything he had ever experienced. Dr. Erickson made a tour of the house and found one wilting African violet.

This African violet was to be the turning point in the woman's life. Dr. Erickson advised the woman to grow the flower she loved so much, and then send these flowers to every one whom she found in the local paper advertising they were having a birthday, a wedding, or any event that would be a cause of celebration.

The lady agreed to do it. She finally found a purpose in life. She continued to send out her precious flowers for years to come while receiving great joy from the endeavour. News spread quickly throughout the city about the mysterious lady who sends everyone African violets.

Upon her death, hundreds of people came out to mourn the famous lady, known simply as the African violet lady, who was now loved by all.

In line with the behaviourists, one simple change in behaviour and an exceptional doctor whose insight surpassed most, made a remarkable change in this woman's life.

In line with counselling therapy, the doctor provided the guidance. The body heals itself. The lady did not need drugs or intensive therapy; she reached down inside of herself and rekindled the light of her most precious being; the light that springs eternal. The light that may burn dimmer at times but never burns out.

A Success Story

"The last few years have not been the easiest. I have found myself becoming a carer for my Dad due to his ill health, but also to Mum who, emotionally and physically, could not cope with looking after Dad. With Dad's health becoming worse and needing him to be hospitalised, I began not to cope at work or at home. Mistakes have been made and, in November 2012, I realised that I was not coping and that the life I was living was not healthy. I needed help to change my life. I am on anti-depressants, but thought that I could do more. Looking through different websites, I came across The Clinic on the Green; saw Kirsty's page and have not looked back since.

After each session, including hypnosis, life became so much clearer and worth living. I could see how distant I had become from friends and family - and even myself. I could see that I had, without getting help, taken on too much and had not been giving myself a break.

I have now, with Kirsty's help, taken back my life, made changes to look after myself and created a pathway to a better future. Kirsty has helped guide me to a better place. With her counselling and hypnosis, I sleep better, am more relaxed and calm, so have more energy to get on and enjoy my life. I at last feel free to be me and the smile is now back in my life. Thank you Kirsty."