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Trauma-related Dissociation

I can help you understand and cope with Dissociation and the major Dissociation disorders. It is very important that we work at the pace that suits you. Gaining an understanding of what is happening within you and learning of the most effective ways to cope. This will help you to feel more connected and relaxed to deal with everyday life. You may hear or feel inner voices or a murmur of overwhelming confusion making it hard for you to think or concentrate.

I will teach you strategies to calm you down when feeling anxious or angry. We will deal with each presenting part and let it vocalise his/her feelings, and deal with the trauma when you feel ready. You will be able to accept and acknowledge parts of yourself. Once you can do this you will be able to connect and communicate with parts of yourself and work together as a team or family. I will help you to teach yourself to become more present.