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Human Givens

"When therapists work intelligently from the Human Givens approach, progress is usually swift and inevitable."
(The European Therapy Studies Institute)

The Human Givens are our emotional needs and the innate tools we possess to meet these needs. Our emotional needs include:

  • Security and safety
  • Intimacy and friendship
  • Attention and interaction
  • Autonomy and control
  • Connection to others and a sense of community
  • Sense of status and competence
  • Privacy

The possibilities, for the beneficial therapeutic use of hypnosis, really are endless. When all these elements for therapeutic change are put together, the results are extremely effective, fast, long-lasting and really improve your life.

Without all these things in our lives, we can sometimes begin to feel a little lost depressed and or anxious. We, as human, need these Givens and will thrive if we have a sense of all of them. If we are lacking in some we can become depend on other things to fill our needs such as alcohol drugs etc.

For example: A lady, who was a keen artist, would go out into the countryside and paint her favourite scenes. She adored being outside with nature; capturing special moments. When she became too busy in her work life, that was the first thing she dropped in order to free up a little more time to work longer hours. Over the next year she became ill and went to her doctor's several times, who could not find anything wrong with her. This made her feel worse, so would look up her symptoms on the internet - which frightened her even more. She became anxious and started to have panic attacks as she thought she was dying. This lady was using her creative juices in a very different way, as she was not painting, so it transferred to being creative with her illnesses. Once this was explained to the lady, and she took up painting again, her mind settled, her healthy creative juices started to flow and she got back to her normal happy self.