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Horse Riders

I adore horses. I have been riding for over 25 years. I have experienced many highs riding on the beach, cross country, show jumping and have recently taken up dressage. I have also experienced some bad falls and seen other people have nasty falls. I've ridden spooky horses, been bolted with, crashed into trees etc. I know what it is like to lose your confidence in something that you love dearly. When you put so much time, money, love and effort into something, the last thing you want is to be terrified once you get on board.

I know I can help you to feel back in control of your emotions and stop your mind racing with ifs - to be fully relaxed, yet in control of your riding. I can rid you of the emotion of a nasty fall or something you may of seen that has lead you to feeling the way you do at this moment. I can teach you techniques to get your confidence back in the saddle.

I can see you in the therapy room or at your yard with your horse. Rest assure it is my business to get you back to feeling the business.

Success Stories

"Hi Kirsty

Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that Im getting on great.

I have been on two hacks, so far and am feeling really confident and looking forward to the future with so much more excitement.

So thank you very much, I am so happy that I can now enjoy my horse and do all the things Iíve always wanted to do.


"Dear Kirsty

I just wanted to let you know that I have finally got back on board my dearest horsey friend Shan, this is all thanks to you. I know things will only get better, thank you from the bottom of my heart, you don't know how much this means to me. There are photos of the occasion on facebook!!!! The funniest bit was in my excitement at finally getting back in the saddle I nearly jumped off without detaching the air bag!!!!

I'm still in a high

Kind Regards

"After a nasty riding accident, I completely lost my confidence; things were so bad that some days I was too scared to even get on my horse. My crippling nerves were effecting my enjoyment of riding, but worst of all they were ruining my relationship with my horse. It even got to the point that I was considering giving up altogether but then I heard about Kirsty through a friend. I booked a session, desperate to try anything once, and I'm so grateful I did! She diagnosed the accident had affected me so badly I was actually suffering with a form of PTSD.

Kirsty worked with me to overcome my fears, giving me techniques to control my nerves and to build my confidence. The difference has been amazing! I still occasionally get anxious, but now I can use the skills Kirsty has taught me to control those feelings and cope with situations that previously would've meant I'd have got off my horse; or even not got on at all! Since seeing Kirsty, we've gone from strength to strength; we're hacking out more than we ever did, have been to a local show and even took part in a jumping clinic, something I would never have imagined I'd have done.

Thank you, Kirsty!"

"After having a serious riding accident 12 weeks ago which resulted in 4 days in hospital and warnings from Consultants that I could easily have been in a wheelchair, my enjoyment having a horse was somewhat diminished! Having had a break from horse ownership for several years and now finally back as an owner I am reluctant to give it all up! However having that knot in your stomach each time you decide you should ride and feeling physically sick is not a feeling that I want to continue to have. Having seen the N.E.D website I decided that my best choice was to try hypnotherapy to rebuild my confidence and be back to enjoying my horse.

I was unsure what the session would involve or how I would feel but Kirsty put me at my ease straight away and I knew she understood what I needed and how important it was to me to enjoy horse ownership as much as I always had. During the session I knew what was happening and felt relaxed and in control.

Since this session my accident is no longer at the front of my mind all day every day. It is difficult to explain but although I can remember the accident it is not foremost in my thoughts, I know it happened but it does not dictate what I do! I am making great strides in improving my confidence and today enjoyed a hack with a friend in the sunshine, this is what horse owning is all about."


"I just wanted to give you an update following our session a couple of weeks ago. My horse had been ill for a while so I was unable to ride him but he has shown some improvements lately so Friday I started schooling him again, gently to see how he went. Although I felt anticipation getting on as soon as I was on we had a really good session even working over trotting poles - something I'd not done for over a year for fear they would jump them (daft I know!). We had such a good time, I repeated this Saturday and Sunday. Then, last night, a friend asked me to hack out with her and her horse.

It was such a lovely evening I felt I couldnít say no and had to try to see if we could manage it. My horse was very tense as he's not been out for over a month and is a nervous type but after mounting ( some serious 7-11 breathing!) we calmed down, had a good gossip with my friend to pre-occupy me and made it round our shortest route over fields for about 30 minutes. We only walked but such amazing progress I canít thank you enough. Iíd say my nerves got to 7/10 at most when birds flew out of hedgerows but generally sat at a calm 3-4. I never thought we would make it out all the way around first go but he was so good and it was so warm it would have been criminal not to continue.

I was so sceptical, as you know, when we first met and still can't pinpoint really what you did, but my mindset had certainly altered and we really enjoyed ourselves. Next hurdle is to have a trot on the fields and, dare I say it, a canter but gently does it Ė the first step was amazing and I just wanted to mail to say thank you."


"I read the article about Kirsty in EQ just as I was starting a new young horse and wanted to make sure I didn't let my nerves damage our relationship before we even started. I booked an appointment with Kirsty who, because she has horses herself, understood the dilemma well. After the first session my confidence improved and I was really looking forward to riding my new horse. After the second session I noticed a big difference in the way I behaved around him and the fact that he was responding positively to my calm and controlled approach. The process was simple and it's hard to define what made the difference but it has started me off on a journey that has helped me feel much more positive and confident."


"I can't recommend this highly enough. In nearly 30 years of horse riding this is the most beneficial thing I have ever done. The combination of hypnosis for me and spook training for my horse has been amazing. In one month I have gone from seriously considering giving up riding altogether to now not being able to wait to get back on.

Thank you Kirsty for giving me back my confidence and helping Roxy and me to see that things really aren't as scary as they seem. For anyone considering this, DO IT - you won't regret it!"


I asked Kirsty if she could help me with my lack of confidence with my riding. It was beginning to spoil my enjoyment and I was at the point of giving up all together.

At our first session Kirsty made me feel very much at ease and showed a deep understanding of my situation. She then offered an achievable solution. Explaining throughout that with her help and my own commitment I would be able to achieve my goal.

The next time I rode I took the work we had done in the sessions and put them into practice. The result was that I was able to approach my challenge with the tools Kirsty had given me and had one of the best lessons ever. Even my instructor commented on how I my approach too riding had improved.

I had a further session to build on my new skills that Kirsty had taught me in our first session.

I felt immediately at ease with Kirsty and will continue return to her for any additional support. I have used the techniques in other aspects of my daily life in dealing with challenges. I would certainly recommend Kirsty to help with confidence when riding.