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Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

One in 20 men and 1 in 10 women will get PTSD in their lifetime. This can be caused by being exposed to a stressful event, worrying about a real or imagined event. It could be that you have witnessed or been through a traumatic event. There are many ways we can develop PTSD. It can happen straight after the event of sometime later.

Nobody should have to put up with PTSD. There is a very effective hypnosis technique that can rid it calmly and safely in one session. The rewind technique was developed especially for Trauma. You do not even have to talk about it if you don't want to. You will feel relaxed and dissociated from the trauma in the session, feeling so safe at all times. After the session it will leave you to get your life back on track with no more panic attacks, flashbacks or anxieties.

I have helped a lot of people get over their debilitating PTSD, which had stolen part of their life. They were highly anxious, having panic attacks and flashbacks. Scared to go to sleep as they would dream about it over and over again. Now, after just one or two sessions, these people are feeling great. Back to being themselves, feeling more confident calm and free.

Symptoms of PTSD:

  • High anxiety
  • Depression
  • Flashbacks
  • Panic attacks
  • Nightmares and sleepless nights
  • Recurring distressing feeling of the event/trauma almost as intense as when it actually happened

A Success Story

"After suffering a heart attack and cardiac arrest in the December of 2011, I was making excellent physical progress and returned to work almost immediately. However, the mental issues were a completely different matter. I had spent many years believing that I was indestructible and to be rudely and most violently disabused of the notion was a massive shock to my system. All of a sudden, I was suffering from full blown Panic Disorder and needed to get a handle on the situation. But how to approach this?

I contacted my old friend and colleague, Kirsty Hurrell and asked her advice. Kirsty immediately advised me that the panic disorder was accompanied by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and recommended trauma therapy. I had one 90 minute session with her where she "rewound" my experience over and over again to a point where she had dissociated me from the trauma. This was carried out in a relaxing and quiet environment and the result being that I had found peace. As a result of the treatment, the daily panic and anxiety, the sleepless nights, the floor pacing had all disappeared. I walked out of her treatment room lighter and calmer.

Now, three months after treatment, I have very few episodes and these are minor in themselves. As for the dissociation, I can honestly say that I have trouble remembering my 'event' such is the success of Kirsty's treatment. I would not hesitate to go back and indeed, she would be my first port of call should I ever need to.

Thank you, Kirsty."