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Sleep is vital for our health and well being. Sleep gives us just what we need to respond quickly, to be alert. It also boosts our immune system. Sleep helps us to perform better in all areas of our lives (e.g. sport and studying).

There are various reasons why we may not be sleeping as well as we want to be. Sometimes it is caused by too much stimulation before bed, like playing computer games or watching TV. It could be down to drugs, drinking alcohol or smoking. Our diet also can interfere with our sleep. For example, too much sugar can impact our sleep pattern.

If we are anxious and worrying about things we feel stressed, this is not good for sleep, as we need to be feeling relaxed in order to drift off to sleep.

Post Traumatic Stress can really affect your sleep, having flash backs and vivid dreams can be terrifying just before bed.

Also, pain can affect sleep, as it is the only thing you can think about, getting tense and stresses out or angry does not help for a peaceful nights sleep.

A change in hormones can effect sleep. This can be dealt with psychological intervention and through natural means.

I can help you to resolve your worries, performance anxiety and trauma. I can teach you self hypnosis and relaxation techniques that will leave you feeling calm rested and ready for the best night sleep you have had in a long time. We cannot consciously try to sleep, it is like trying to make your finger nails grow or make a cut heal. These are unconscious processes just like sleep, Once we stop trying to go to sleep and hand it back to the unconscious mind this is when we will just drift off naturally.